Castor Raiders' Archery Club


GWS Archery 2018-19 Parent Meeting Notes

Mrs. Fawn Coupland, Ms. Nancy Tamblyn - Teachers

Janelle Fuller - Parent Contact


  1. Contact info - Parents please complete the registration form or text the following information to Mrs.Coupland @ 403-740-6587

    1. Parents’ First and Last Name

    2. Your Archer(s) First and Last name(s) and Grade(s)

    3. Primary Cell Phone Number

    4. Alternate number and who it is

  1. Travel to Tournaments

** We should always be in the competition venue & unpacked a full hour before we shoot. This gives time for a pre-flight check with the host group, as well as time to just settle in, check equipment, etc.

**These are school functions and as such we must follow the school rules. No alcohol for students or chaperones on any trip. Students are not allowed to drive themselves to/from any event. Breaking these rules will result in the archer being removed from the team.

  1. Provincials March 14-16, 2019 @ Edmonton Sportsmen Show

    1. All students are expected to ride the bus TO the competition. Parents may take their children home with them AFTER the tournament but must also take the archer’s equipment. If an archer is to go home with someone other than a parent, we will need a signed notice BEFORE leaving for the tournament.

    2. Cost Estimate: 600km @ $1.10/km + $20/hr for the busdriver and meals = approx. $800 (divide equally amongst archers)

    3. $25 entry fee per student

  1. Nationals in April for 2019 and 2020 @ Regina SK (Date TBD)

    1. All students are expected to ride the bus TO the competition. Parents may take their children home with them AFTER the tournament but must also take the archer’s equipment. If an archer is to go home with someone other than a parent, we will need a signed notice BEFORE leaving for the tournament.

    2. Cost Estimate: 1300 km @ $1.10/km + $20/hr for the bus driver and meals = approx $1900

    3. $25 entry fee per student; archers will be charged the same bussing fee as to provincials. The local tournament fundraising will cover the additional bussing cost.  Last year $2500 for coach bus which most people felt was worth it

    4. We will block off rooms at a hotel (Last year it was about $84 for a room that you could put 4 people in. We also make sure that there is a breakfast option included with the room. Parents will book and pay for your own accommodation, sharing rooms when possible to reduce costs. Each room requires a parent chaperone.

    5. Archers will need at most $75 spending money for this trip (unless they plan on buying hoodies etc.)

  1. Other tournaments from last year-  Travel depending on #’s, cover your own entry and carpool to split travel costs equitably

    1. Hanna End of January ($5)

    2. Online Neo-Natal Tournament ($10)

    3. Stettler February ($10)

    4. Ardrossan March ($10)

    5. Smoky Lake Early April ($15)

  1. Athlete Fees and Accountability -

    1. Fees are calculated on a Cost Recovery basis which means you pay for the tournaments that you want to enter in.If you register, you go unless absolute emergency.

    2. If you want to join the club but not compete, there is no fee

    3. Watch for a note to come home at the end of October or early November listing the tournaments that our team is considering entering. On that form you will indicate which tournaments your archer would like to participate in and then your fees will be calculated based on that.

    4. Registering for tournaments can be a tricky process.

      1. Pre-registration (2-3 months before the tournament) is where the coach (me) goes in and sets up the archer information basically telling the host team how many people we would like to bring.

      2. Actual registration (1 month before the tournament) is where the coach (Ms.T) goes in and selects our flight time(s).

      3. No Change Date (1-2 weeks before the tournament) teams cannot make any changes to the roster to if you registered, then you pay even if you can’t go at the last minute.

      4. Please be respectful of this process and have your calendar in order. Things get missed when we are disorganized.

  1. If you are on the team, then you will be expected to attend 1 practice per week minimum. If there is a conflict, please talk to Mrs. Coupland or Ms. T.

  1. Fundraising (optional) - purpose is to cover cost of entry fees and bussing to Provincials & Nationals; if you choose NOT to fundraise, then you will be asked to pay a proportionate amount

***Please call Janell to let her know if and how you want to participate in the fundraising options

  1. IODE Rummage Sale Concession Oct 27th

    1. Someone with food handlers must be there

    2. Food must be prepared in a certified kitchen such as the  school or hall

  1. Remembrance Day Set-Up & Take Down ($200 ish)

    1. Jessica

  1. Recycling @ Co-op Jason Lungle looks after it.

  1. Subway Card Sales

    1. Mr. Brochu has the details - monthly coupons, let Mrs.C know by Sept 19th if you want to sell some and how many

    2. We made $2000 last year in 2 weeks with this  

  1. Bottle Drive Fundraiser - need to organize

  1. Little Caesar Pizza Fundraiser - Rhonda Fuller to organize

  1. Extreme Pita Lunch Fundraiser - Katelynn and Mrs. C organize

  1. Subway Lunch Fundraiser - Katelynn and Mrs. C organize

  1. Farmers Market Schedule 5 pm Set-Up ($50) and Takedown ($50)

    1. Janelle will coordinate the schedule and send out reminders

    2. If you missed 1 or more shifts last year, and you miss a shift this year, then you will be taken off the Farmer’s Market rotation and just pay the fees instead.


October 2017 - Katelynn

November 2017

December 2017

March 2018

April 2018 - Katelynn

May 2018

June 2018

July 2018

August 2018 - Katelynn

September 2018

Aage, Harmony, Jehlyn


  1. New Archers

    1. All archers must have participated in the Archery portion of the P.E. program.

    2. Attend after school practice on Thurs. Oct 11 & 18 3-4:30 only AFTER Mr. Brochu has discussed the archer’s skill level with me

  1. All Archers Practice Times - Minimum commitment is 1 practice per week (Part-time attendance receives part-time coaching)

    1. Nov/Dec - Thursdays 3-4:30

    2. January - Tuesdays (later practice?) & Thursdays 3-4:30

    3. Feb - April Tues, Thurs & Sunday afternoon if a coach is available

      1. We need 1 or 2 people to be “Sunday Coaches” since I will be unavailable on many weekends. Amanda and Rhonda will run all Sunday practices 2pm to 4 pm. Start dates will be announced


  1. Certification Courses

    1. Airdrie & Wetaskiwin in October (date tbd)

Amanda, Rhonda, Adam, Anthony, Vicki, Doug, Blake, Tara, and Randahl are all certified

Katelynn and Ripley have taken the course but can’t receive the certification until they are 18

  1. Equipment

    1. Pick up your arrows if you left them in the PE office over the summer or they will be used in PE class

    2. Fawn/Tyler/Nancy look at equipment

  1. Our Tournament - Last year had about 160 people registered.

    1. Date February 22nd and 23rd (Fri/Sat)‚Äč Organization Team

      1. We will continue to run 3D component in the middle of the day(only on Sat)

      2. Scoring Janelle;Rena (Order score cards and scanner)

      3. Range operation - optimize time Rhonda will work Range

      4. Advertising - Ripley

        1. NASP Site

      5. Concession Organizer -

        1. All food needs to be prepared on site. Cannot prepare meat/salad/grate cheese etc at home. It MUST be made here.

        2. Each archer will be asked to donate either 12 iced tea or 12 lemonade or 12 water bottles - will this be enough?

        3. Coffee will be sold by donation

        4. BOGO Free coupon for coaches to be put in coaches package

  1. Prizes (Need Lots!!) Katelynn & Jessica

    1. Top 2 in each grade (male & female) get a T-Shirt

    2. NO SHOOT OUT due to 3D competition

    3. 3D Prizes -

    4. Door Prizes -

    5. Pop Sockets?  


  1. Competition Uniforms: we will continue to use the same shirts as last year. We can try to purchase smaller shirts (about 15) if needed- need to know where they were ordered from; give OK Tire opportunity to advertise on them again - This didn’t get done last year


  1. Team Shirt or Hoodies - I would like to order team shirts.  Often the kids like to have a team shirt to wear daily (showcase belonging and pride). This could be the design we use on the shirts we give away as prizes at our tournament. I predict that we can get them about $20 from Mainstreet Medley. I will get a sample made and then you can decide.

    1. Long or Short Sleeve? Hoodies!

    2. Who would like to help design the shirt? Use our current design

    3. Would parents like shirts? Yes

      1. Do you want to indicate that you are an Archery Parent? probably

      2. Do you want same shirt as kids? yes

    4. Families only buy if they want to


  1. Other - Worlds. It is not yet posted when or where, but there are several families interested in going, so we can start fundraising towards that goal. I would predict a cost of $3000+ per person  (depending on seat sales etc.)